Brighten Your Friend’s Day With Funny Jokes

Funny jokes bring smiles to everyone, young or old, male or female. There are thousands of hilarious jokes available online so you never have to run out of funny things to send your family, friends, or coworkers.

Funny Jokes by Email – Finding Safe Jokes

With email you can send funny jokes to your friends or coworkers with the simple click of a mouse. Encouraging or funny emails always help relieve frustration during a busy workday. They bring laughs when someone’s going through a stressful time. You might send funny blonde jokes to your blonde friend, or pass funny jokes about women, men, or bosses around to the men or ladies at work. There are also hilarious jokes about work, life, sex, rednecks, animals, and so forth.

Email jokes are popular, but beware of forwarding emails. Forwarding emails are emails that originate from an unknown person and begin circulating among friends via email. They often contain viruses, spy ware, or tracking codes that can hinder your computer’s operation or even invade your privacy.

HINT: When sending funny jokes to friends and family, be sure to copy and paste your own set of jokes and attach your own images into the emails. Find a reputable joke site that allows you to use the available jokes so you won’t have to worry about email viruses. You can read through the jokes in various categories and copy those you feel will make your friends laugh! Or, you can just send the link of the site to your friends so they can enjoy all the jokes.

Funny Videos

Everyone loves a funny video, as evidenced by the tremendous popularity of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” over many years. People love to watch funny videos of funny animals, bleeps and blunders, sports blunders, practical jokes, funny accidents, and funny encounters. With the Internet, you can download funny videos for your own website and make the videos available to your website visitors. You can also download them and send the files by email or watch them on another site. You might want to make your own funny video and send it to friends and family as a joke or for a gag gift.

Funny Pictures

Another way to get some laughs with friends is to view funny pictures or pass them around by email. These can be pictures of animals, people, events, or anything that would strike someone as funny. Funny pictures can be converted to Internet files using a digital camera or digital files. They can be scanned into a computer, or if you’re an artist, you might be able to draw some funny pictures.

Funny Business for Your Website

An idea for your business is to add funny pictures or funny videos to your website for visitors to watch or download. Find something funny that relates to your business. For example, if you own an insurance business, find a video or picture that uses humor to illustrate possible insurance needs. A man flipping into the air off his bike after hitting a curb is not really funny in life, but for potential insurance customers, it might bring a few laughs through a funny video. You’d be surprised at how these types of funny home videos or photos get attention and visitors!

Search online to find a funny joke site that offers written jokes, funny videos, funny pictures, and more. You can make your friends laugh every day of the week!

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