The Birth Of A Real Athlete

A real or ace athlete is not only athletic; his life revolves around sports.

Though in and out of formal training for official events, he is always in self-training. Once an ace athlete, always an ace athlete; a real call to athletics is irrevocable. You not only train hard but, as the jokes state, you die training.

…But to be sure, the first step to becoming an ace athlete is to be an athlete first and decide to remain an athlete for life. You must determine with your heart and mind what sport you are going to pursue for the rest of your life.

Birth of an Ace Athlete

The moment you fall in love with a sport activity, the athlete in you is born. It starts in your mind. You may have read a sports book or a blurb in the sports section of a newspaper, or have watched a sports event on the TV or in the movies when you became interested or, at least, attracted to such a sport.

Your admiration may not be contained to just seeing the thing, but it may have stirred up your imagination, and you may have actually began to see yourself performing these feats and becoming a champion at it. You may have researched more about the sports game, bought the equipment you need, and started on a journey to carve out a spot for yourself in the hall of fame.

Some abort their sports inclination by becoming mere sports fans. They love sports and sports heroes, but they seldom practice the game. Some people may call them “athletic” because of their familiarity with and interest in the subject, but they are nothing more than sports fans – couch-athletes.

A sports fan who is actually an athlete inside will soon work his way out to become the sportsman he admires and even excel at it. He will strive diligently to outdo his previously accomplished feats. This he does for life, with or without formal competitions.

If you decide to engage in a particular sports career, start to “grow up” in it, acquire new and higher levels of skills and agility (swift mind and body coordination), and later you will become mature in the game. Hard training separates men from boys (or women from girls), and you will soon become known as a competent player or athlete.

You will no longer be regarded as an awkward neophyte in terrible want of speed, form, and accuracy, but you will be able to combine grace, precision, and lightning pace without much effort. You will be able to judge and decide maturely in the game. Soon, you will find yourself the chosen bet of a special group, and regular competition will hone your skills to mastery.

That’s when you begin to train other aspirants to be like you. From being a “newborn”, you become a “father”.

To Your Immediate and Lasting Athletic Domination!

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